the best snooker shoot-out timer for competitions with WiFi options

Item specifics:

Character height: 36mm and 58mm

Scoreboard size: 360*160*40mm

Package weight: 1,3 kg

Power supply: 220V AC


Shoot-Out mode

The Timer’s main mode and purpose is to run Snooker Shoot-Out tournaments where every frame lasts 10 minutes.

For the first 5 minutes of the frame players have 15 seconds per shot however for the last 5 minutes the shot time is reduced to 10 seconds.

The timer beeps 3, 2 and 1 second before the end of the shot. A football whistle sounds when the frame time is over.


Frames mode

In this mode you can display frames and turn on shot clock if required
(45 sec).

Frame score is displayed in the top left corner, on the right you can see the current break score.


Tournaments and live broadcasting

Our board is perfect for competitions. Simply connect the device to a WiFi network of your club and the spectators will be able to simultaneously keep track of the score of all taking place on the site of meetings on the screen of our free app.

Being placed above or near snooker table, the scoreboard will be visible during livestream on your Youtube channel thanks to its bright and large numbers.


Android app

The app's administrator mode lets you connect the scoreboard to your club’s Wifi, set players’ names and provide additional tournament information.

Live scoring can be displayed on TV screen via Chromecast or an HDMI-cable. The PC version allows you to generate unique code to be embedded to any site.


Remote control

The timer doesn’t have any buttons or switches. It's fully operated via the remote control.

Usually the timer is connected to the table's power network and turns on when the table light is turned on. All remote controls are interchangeable.