Tournaments and live broadcasting

If several matches are being played simultaneously, it's quite a challenge to have a single board for the spectators to follow the score from all the tables in real time.
With the "gavansnookertimer" it can easily be done. Each display can be connected to the club's Wi-Fi network and then shown on the screen of your Android device in our free app.
The score then can be broadcast on a TV screen through a Chromecast device via a simple HDMI connection for everybody to see.

Wi-Fi connection

Bind the remote control to the scoreboard by holding 1. To connect the scoreboard to your Wi-Fi network install our free app XXXXXXXX. Open the app and go to "service tools".


The scoreboard is now connected to the club's network.
Go to XXX in the main menu, press "refresh" and you will see all the scoreboards available on the network. Any crowd member can connect their personal mobile device and see the scoreboards through the app.
To broadcast the score to a TV screen use a Chromecast device.

Live broadcasting

Normally during live broadcasts of your events you need additional staff to manually update live score of the TV table. With "gavansnookertimer" neither a computer nor an extra employee to operate it are required.

The scoreboard is very light and can be attached above the tables in direct visual reach of your cameras. The score is updated by the referee alone. All of the tables turn into TV tables and you can send live score from any ongoing match directly to your broadcast software for your Yutube viewers to follow.
Even if there is no referee, players themselves update the score and all your viewers can see it on their home screens in real time.

As a result a single person can easily operate all of the scoreboards during live broadcast by simply switching between them from time to time for the necessary score to be shown to the viewers on-line as well as the crowd in the building.