Using remote control:

Thank you that you like our timer.

To connect the remote control to one of the timers, insert two AA batteries into the remote control, point the remote control at the board and hold down for 6 sec the “1” key.

There are three timer modes. To switch between modes, hold the FT key. After 6 seconds, the mode will change and one of the following values ​​will be displayed on the upper left field:

1. 10:00 - this is the mode for the game Shoot-Out. To start the game, just short press the FT key - the frame clock will start and after 10 minutes the final whistle will sound. The ST key starts the stroke time clock. Any next key will stop the stroke timer. Usually it is one of the points key or next player key.

2. 0:0 - this is the mode for playing usual snooker. A long press on “2” addes one point to the winned frames score of the left player, a long press on “3” - the right one. This mode, the shot and frame timers are disabled.

3. 00:00 - One frame mode with clock.

Change stroker is the “½” key. The numeric keys, of course, accrue points to the active player, and you can cancel any missclick with the ESC key.

A long press on the ESC key completely resets all accounts on the scoreboard.

Use long press “4” key for Mute or Unmute.

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